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Chat up some grannies free chat

That way if I had to call there would be no surprise.

Friday afternoon while the kitchen staff were serving lunch I entered the motor home dressed in a snowmobile suit with plenty of extra blankets and my camera and the other equipment I needed.

It seems that the local cops weren’t all that interested in finding out who was doing the stealing.

There may be an easier way you just told me that you discovered that 125 pounds of coffee beans are also missing.

I have pictures of both of them loading the van.”Just then a county deputy pulled up and we explained what was happening to him.

When the two guys came out they were carrying a case of wine each.

That way I could take clear pictures, with the glass being clean, and didn’t leave Huge foot prints going into the coach. I white van pulled up just outside the kitchen door.

I set up in the dining area of the coach with my camcorder and my 35 MM camera attached to a night scope lens. I fired up the camcorder and took a couple of stills of the van and it’s plate with the 35 MM.

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I accepted and was quite surprised when it turned out to be a thank you party for me from the people in the home.

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