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The new version comes in difficult times for the Oslo, Norway-based startup after advisor Shawn Fanning (of Napster fame) left the company as advertisers were ignoring the site for fear of nudity and inappropriate activity.

Tech Crunch described the new version as “flaky,” warning that the “penis problem is far from gone: At the moment the site is really flaky, but when the video chat does work it seems like the penis problem is far from gone both in my own initial experience and what I am hearing from other users. The Chatroulette website is a project by a Russian student who revealed in a New York Times interview that he created the service for himself and his friends, with no business plan in place.

Read more at Tech Crunch Christian’s Opinion Chatroulette would have gone down in history as yet another video chatting service if it weren’t for the nudity that has basically put a me-too service on the map.Chatroulette is strongly associated with porn and no premium brand wants that kind of exposure.Their strategy of intentional piggy-backing on headlines may have sealed their doom, in my opinion.Luxari has meticulously crafted the red bull to capture the muscular body of these majestic, forceful and unpredictable beasts.Made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, our artists hand set 22,800 Siam and Jet crystals with a total creation time of 340 hours to complete this exquisite masterpiece.

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The first reactions, however, leave a lot to be desired.

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