Dating bicurious

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In addition, some people identify as a certain sexual identity as one point in their lives, and as another later on.In other words, sexual behavior and identity are not written in stone, and may shift as we encounter new people or life circumstances.I can’t say that this has always been a concern of mine but I think it’s that underlying “What-If”—what if she decides to date a man again?What If she’s no longer into the thought or idea of dating a woman? At one point, I thought it was my own insecurity that made me the only lesbian to possibly feel this way but as it turns out, I’m not alone.

Many rate themselves as bisexual on questions of desire (or near a three on Kinsey's scale) but maintain exclusive gay or straight relationships. I've never thought of myself feeling this way, but I do.My new friend has admitted to being bisexual although she knows that I've never been. I've even had dreams about her, but I still find guys attractive. Dear Reader, We are often called to label ourselves as purely sexually inclined one way or the other, either to be attracted to guys or to girls only, end of story.The question then becomes, Is this my own insecurity issue or is this a risk I am taking by dating a bi-curious woman?I’ve come to the realization that it’s a risk—as in every relationship one will ever enter.

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The pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey broke from popular thinking on sexuality in the 1950s, theorizing that bisexuality was in fact far more common than previously thought.