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In 1996, he co-produced Al Gore’s visit to Orlando during the 1996 campaign.In 1998, he was a regular co-host and hypnotherapist on the syndicated radio show America Talks Health.We watch Charlie Sheen on his weekly TV show and for almost 7 years, and we welcome his TV character and welcome him in life as a bad boy but we refuse to see him as a man who has abused a woman.The reality of his abuse, of his violence against a woman, is ignored because people generally seem to like him, to find him affable, viewing him as basically just a boy who is slightly wild and has not yet grown up.

He performed hypnosis, dance, comedy, musicals, and murder mystery musicals in multiple languages.Wanis claims that in 1991, he became the first person to introduce pantomime musicals to West Africa, with his own original musical parodies of Snow White, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood.Wanis directed and co-hosted the "1991 Miss Africa World Beauty Pageant." In the Gambia, West Africa, Wanis observed and studied the link between the belief in spells, curses, Juju, witchcraft, healing doctors (using witchcraft) and the behavior of the Gambian people and their various tribes.One day in Cozumel, Wanis decided to leave a few volunteers up on stage with the stooges/actors as an experiment and two of those volunteers became hypnotized during the hypnotic induction. in Pennsylvania with degrees in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Advanced Hypnotherapy.Subsequently, Wanis would have less stooges and more volunteers in his weekly shows, until he eventually stopped using stooges and actors, and only used real volunteers. In 1995, Wanis became the first resident hypnotist on Carnival Cruise Lines, and was invited to Las Vegas to meet David Copperfield.

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He created and produced the show Blues Brothers 2000 for Daytona (licensed by the Belushi Estate) for a live audience of over 195,000 people.

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