Divine christian dating

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Divine christian dating

They were a rebellious bunch who were not inclined to endure the hardship necessary to fulfill God’s purpose.

They put comfort for themselves ahead of obedience to God’s will.

But it can be pretty slim pickin’s to find a nice, good-looking (there’s nothing wrong with good looks--Rebekah is described as “very beautiful” [v. And as you watch other Christian singles marrying those who aren’t so committed to the Lord, it’s easy to begin thinking, “Maybe I’m being too rigid.

Maybe there are some nice Canaanite girls (or guys) around.” But if you want God’s guidance for a marriage partner, you must be unswerving in your commitment to God and His purpose.

If you’re single, it’s crucial to seek God’s guidance and to obey Him in choosing a mate, because except for trusting Christ as Savior, whom you marry is the most important decision you’ll make in life.

The servant asks a practical question: “Suppose the woman will not be willing to follow me to this land; should I take your son back to the land from where you came? Abraham strongly warns him against doing that and repeats God’s call and promise to give him the land of Canaan.

So the servant swears to do what Abraham has said (24:6-9).

The overall principle of our text is that God will guide us when we walk with Him and are committed to His purpose.

Under that overall theme, I want to give five principles on how to know God’s guidance.

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