For accomodating utilities

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For accomodating utilities

Tata Steel Company Limited set up the 1.73 million tonnes per annum split located cement plant at Sonadih, Raipur district, Madhya Pradesh and Jojobera near Jamshedpur.TCE designed the housing colony which comprised of: 300 units on 57 hectares 5 types of residential houses Guest house for senior management and hostel for engineers' and workers' School Medical centre Community centre with recreational facilities Shopping complex Utility services and buildings Landscaping and recycling effluent for garden Concept design and master plan Detailed design of architectural civil, mechanical and electrical works Procurement Construction supervision of all plant and non-plant structures including administration buildings and housing colony Bajaj Auto Limited (BAL), a two & three wheeler plant at Waluj near Aurangabad.This guide is intended to provide the consultant designer with helpful hints and advice on how to coordinate utilities on ADOT projects and ultimately write a Utility Clearance Letter.Aside from the necessary differences imposed by State and local laws, regulations, franchises, governmental/industry codes, climate, and geography, reasonable uniformity in the engineering requirements should be employed by highway agencies for regulating the use of highway right-of-way by utilities.A guide for accommodating utilities within highway right-of-way/American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.Task Force on Geometric Design.; American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.;; Washington, D. : American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, ©1994.

As LE, TCE will provide "Initial Due Diligence Report,‟ covering review of cost estimates prepared by the ESEZ for infrastructure works .

Covers a total area of 300 acres and a built up area of 3,50,000 sq m.

Master plan for plant (1 km x 1 km) Master plan of the township in 2 phases - 1000 units on 120 hectares (House design by BAL's architect) Site development including roads and drainage Detailed engineering for utility services such as service/fire water, compressed air, fuel oil, etc.

In this respect, guidelines outlining safe and rational practices for accommodating utilities within highway right-of-way are of valuable assistance to the highway agencies.

The AASHTO guidelines in this publication are provided in the interest of developing and preserving safe highway operations and roadsides.

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The purpose of this guide is to consolidate the guidelines and procedures adopted by ADOT, Intermodal Division, for the accommodation of utilities on highway rights-of-way.