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My actions cost me the woman I care about the most to feel hurt.

I'm sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart.

It is now expected that he will require lifelong care, requiring him to spend the remainder of his life in a nursing home.

The Hogan family issued a statement on how they were saddened that criminal charges had been filed against Nick, and how John was not wearing his seatbelt, but that Nick was.

Two major problems Brooke deals with in the show's first season are dating and coping through the trials and tribulations of her family which is why the series came about as a spin-off of Hogan Knows Best.

Her family is no longer together due to Hulk and Linda Hogan's divorce, as well as (Hulk and Linda's son & Brooke's brother) Nick Hogan's prior arrest related to a serious car accident in which he permanently injured his best friend; for these reasons, the predecessor show was cancelled.

On August 26, 2007, Nick was involved in a car crash while speeding in his Toyota Supra in Clearwater, Florida.

Nick was sent to the hospital and released the following morning.

It began airing on CMT in early 2006 and also airs on Viva, MTV and Bio.As of the first season of Brooke Knows Best, Hulk Hogan has made many guest appearances, usually to the frustrations of Brooke and her two roommates; Linda has made a couple (one in which she's seen heartbroken and crying over the circumstances surrounding her family); Nick has made one.Often focusing on the Hogans' raising of their children, and on Hulk Hogan's attempts to manage and assist in his children's burgeoning careers, the title of the show is a play on the title of a show from the 1950s, Father Knows Best.Also he was charged with violating limits on blood alcohol levels while driving.He was arrested on November 7, 2007, and sent to jail.

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