Is jeff and jordan still dating

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Is jeff and jordan still dating

As soon as Jeff and Jordan lost power, Jeff was put up for eviction against Jordan and they both realized this was the end of their game together.Jeff was evicted leaving Jordan to fight alone, but using all the encouragement and wisdom Jeff had given her throughout the game, she proved everyone wrong and got herself to the final 2.Jeff won the coveted Power of Veto and ensured that he and Jordan would make it to Jury, which satisfied their main From then it on it was a rocky road for the Vets, they faced losses and even more shocking betrayals.In week seven Jeff won HOH and POV and was able to enact vengeance on his betrayers, but his victory would be short lived.

Some good wine, eats, romantic strolls and a trip to Pisa and Jordan and Jeff once again parted.On Finale night with the help of America's Vote, Jordan won 0,000 by a vote of 5-2, and Jeff won the America's Favorite Houseguest prize of ,000.After the Finale, Jeff and Jordan confirmed to fans that they were "together" and would be pursuing a long distance relationship with one another, as he lives in Chicago and she lives in Charlotte, NC.But they never expected how large that distance could grow as they took on their new challenge. A previous online hit from Amazing Race Season 1 Winner Alex Boylan, Survivor's Burton Roberts and Director Zsolt Luka, Jeff was picked by CBS to host Season 2 of the show which would span the summer of 2010.This meant Jeff and Jordan would soon face long distance like they'd never known.

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Jordan would soon find new distractions to help her deal with Jeff's absence in the form of school and a weekly show on Superpass.