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If you are a twenty five year old guy wearing boots and T-shirt and looking quite hard you might have seen me in Resident Evil. I thought I recognised you.” But if you are a middle age lady in twinset and pearls I will ask: “Have you seen Dance to the Music of Time?” You have to see the funny side or you would become bitter and sad.’ I’m guessing that this self-deprecation is born of confidence and security.Do not believe what you read in the tabloids and the celeb mags.

And in ‘the profession’ he is perhaps best known for two things, apart from his acting: one is that he often gets his kit off — Purefoy’s nickname is ‘Puresex’ — the other is that he is an accomplished swordsman, in both senses of the word.

Well enough known to be asked to give an award but not well enough known for Michael Ball to be able to pronounce my name.’ Social gatherings can be even worse.

‘When I’m introduced to someone I will make a quick calibration of what they might have seen me in.

‘If the idea was to change the way you behaved then caning failed.

The stripes from a beating were badges of honour, no wonder so many ex public school types became confused by it.

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You got a nice jacket if you played for the first fifteen, but you weren’t lionised in the same way for playing in Hamlet.