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Featured in the 2010 release "Surfer Magazine: Fifty Years," Todd was awarded a Follow The Light Foundation grant in 2008 and won 2009 Surfer Magazine Photo of the Year, amongst numerous other awards." Most recently his image of Kelly Slater was inducted into the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC. We’ve flown to the other side of the world chasing a “massive swell,” only to find it dead flat with sub-zero temperatures and snow falling sideways in 40 mph winds. There’s no school for mastering this pursuit—no fast track to the deepest spot in the lineup, or to the top of the podium.We head into the unknown searching for new experiences, hoping to unearth age-old wisdom, and return with tales of waves beyond our imagination’s grasp. Read more Buy Now Michael Lawrence is the founder of Garage Productions.Specializing in stories of the adventurous spirit, Garage is an entertainment business based around producing and distributing premium content from the action-adventure sports base.Garage has been making inspirational, award-winning, category-best-selling film and TV for over a decade.As is exemplified by water-related assistance in Uzbekistan and support for local capacity building in Kyrgyzstan, Japanese assistance of a more focused character can better contribute to development both in these societies and in the region in general.These types of initiatives can successfully complement government-to-government assistance schemes and Japanese investments into large scale projects.ARTICLE VIII Japan and the Republic of China will endeavor to conclude, as soon as possible, an agreement relating to civil air transport.ARTICLE IX Japan and the Republic of China will endeavor to conclude, as soon as possible, an agreement providing for the regulation or limitation of fishing and the conservation and development of fisheries on the high seas.

The Japan-supported initiatives of recent years tend to favor more pragmatic cooperation schemes.Isao Kawada; His Excellency the President of the Republic of China: Mr.Yeh Kung Chao; Who, having communicated to each other their full powers found to be in good and due form, have agreed upon the following articles: ARTICLE I The state of war between Japan and the Republic of China is terminated as from the date on which the present Treaty enters into force.Over the past decade, Steele's films have continued to pioneer the outer limits of the genre, with epic travelogues like "Sipping Jetstreams" and "Castles in the Sky", eclectic profiles like "The Drifter" and "Missing", and social experiments like "Innersection" and "This Time Tomorrow." "I never want to repeat myself," says Steele, "so each project I try to push to another level.Something that scares me just a little." As a staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, Todd has captured some of the biggest names in the surf world and photographed some of the world's most famous and dangerous waves. The ocean taunts us and teases us to pursue an unattainable perfection, but when conditions finally do come together, it’s magical.

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The focus on local communities will also ensure that beneficiaries of the Japanese assistance projects will include not only governmental institutions but also the general public at large.

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