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"Everyone has a history and you cannot judge people by their history, because there is no perfect person on earth.I also had a past, because I was not brought up in a Christian family, and had had to figure my way out." "Meeting my husband helped with what I had gone through, because when you meet someone you love and who you can be with, that is protection."When we met, we both knew immediately that we were meant to be life partners.We were all smiles, blushing and just fell in love," she says, and Donald agrees, saying the connection was instant. He cooked for her on their first date, as he would often do throughout their courtship.She says that meeting Donald was divine, because despite her determination not to date, when her sister told her about him, she found herself interested in him, having never laid eyes on him.

Ex message If you met your ex on Tinder, it’s only a matter of time before they pop-up again. Who starts Tindering in the middle of a Tinder date? When a small, chunky, dark haired gentleman introduced himself, she thought he must be mistaken. She’d been expecting his fit mate – you know, the one standing 8.The petite, 5ft 1' redhead happily reveals her experiences of dating and discarding men on Tinder.She actually gave up a career in PR to write the book after her friends kept saying how much they identified with her experiences.Since then, I have felt safe from everything that I went through," she says. Rosy and her baby lived with her parents for one and a half years.Donald had been jobless for seven years, but he promised her that once he got a job, he would marry her.

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