Sexy senior chatters

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Sexy senior chatters

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These guys are seniors and they look like they could probably beat me up.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to travel back to my hometown to visit with family and friends.

I tend to do this every few months with the intentions of catching up and reminiscing, but this last visit was a tad different.

One such family member—an 18-year-old second cousin of William and Harry—is currently burning up Instagram with a shirtless photo he posted on Thursday.

Consider the photo, an artful homage to Mark Wahlberg’s 90s Calvin Klein campaign, his official coming out., it seems fitting that Elizabeth’s adventurous crown-adjacent sibling spawn a grandson so comparatively naughty to William.) More specifically, Chatto is the son of Lady Sarah Chatto, Margaret’s daughter, and Daniel Chatto, a former actor.

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Next, the teenager is reportedly headed to Edinburgh University.

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