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Using the magic of The Elements of Harmony, she defeated her younger sister and banished her permanently in the moon.The elder sister took on responsibility for both sun and moon, and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since.” - from Ancient Myths and Tales of Equestria, p.16-21 "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" (MLP: Fi M) is the latest animated show based on the "My Little Pony" (MLP) franchise created by toy maker Hasbro.The younger brought out the moon to begin the night.Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects: all the different types of ponies.Rainbow Dash - The Hot-Shot Voiced by Ashleigh Ball This pegasus pony has no shame about advertising her love affair with a female pony, and that pony is herself.A full-blown braggart, Rainbow Dash has, nevertheless, the skills to back it up - after all, she is probably the best flier in her town, if not in all of Equestria.Twilight Sparkle - The Nerd Voiced by Tara Strong, singing voice by Rebecca Shoichet A unicorn originating from the Equestrian capital of Canterlot, Twilight is initially an anti-social pony who would very much rather spend her time reading books alone than hanging out with friends.

Reluctantly, the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: The Elements of Harmony.

Twilight has amazing magic potential, and is our "point of view pony", a sane counterpoint to all the weird stuff that happens in her world.

Applejack - The Country Pony Voiced by Ashleigh Ball Applejack is all about business.

- An emphasis on the virtues and perks of friendship, which is refreshing in a pop culture panorama where violence, cynicism and fierce competition seem to be the prevalent values. Besides posting in this thread, Pony GAF has a few other hangout places: - The Pony GAF IRC channel (#pony GAF at - The Pony GAF Steam group - The Pony GAF Deviant Art group, a hub for this subcommunity's d A creations.

- A private Team Fortress 2 server set up at 75.015.


The respective password can be found in the above mentioned Steam group. Gaffer Careksims, an extremely talented artist, was kind enough to supply Pony GAF with its own official mascot, Belle Eve, featured in this section's header.

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